on the mountain

Celebrations on
1911 m above sea level

With fantastic panoramic view in the summit house Gerlitzen

Weddings, baptisms,
Birthdays, corporate parties,…

Festivals are celebrated as they fall, so they say, and so it is. A celebration is always a cozy get-together with family, friends or colleagues, there is laughter, dining, dancing, toasting – and when a celebration takes place in such a dreamlike location as the Gipfelhaus Gerlitzen, it simply remains unforgettable.

If you are too tired after partying, leave your car.
Stay with us and take advantage of our beautiful cozy rooms.

Because we do everything to ensure that your celebration is a complete success. You and your guests will be thrilled, we promise!

Plenty of space in a cozy atmosphere, where you can celebrate!

Romantic cottage magic with enough space for larger parties, that’s exactly what we offer our guests. The restaurant is generously designed, quaint and very cozy, so right to feel good.

Whether you want to host your wedding reception with us, arrive with a bus group or plan a company outing: In the spacious dining room all your guests will find a comfortable place. Of course, we will discuss the desired menu sequence with you, according to your individual preferences and of course with our friendly service.


The most beautiful day in life in the clouds above Carinthia

A wedding is celebrated, the love of two people celebrated together with family and friends. Receive your guests on the Gerlitzen, look with a glass of sparkling wine over the fantastic mountains, the lakes and valleys of Carinthia, and directly into the sky, which is very close here at the top of the Gerlitzen. We take care that your guests feel completely comfortable and that the wedding celebration is a complete success.

We can also arrange a birthday party, a company party or a christening and any other celebration you can think of in a very uncomplicated way and according to your individual wishes. Imagine riding up in the cable car with your guests, enjoying a magnificent view and the wonderful ambience in and in front of the Gipfelhaus on the sun terrace. After the celebration with excellent food and drinks, you will start the journey home by gondola, completely relaxed and in airy heights. Wonderful, isn’t it?

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Your family Martinz from Gipfelhaus Gerlitzen